Best electric bikes 2018: road, mountain, commuting and cheap e-bikes

We’ve compiled a list of the best e-bikes that you can buy right now. Whether you’re looking for an electric mountain bike, electric road bike or an electric bike to ride to work, you’ll be able to find the best one to suit your needs.

What kind of e-bikes are there?

You can now buy a motorised bike for almost any kind of riding. An electric mountain bike, for example, can power you up the hill giving you more time to enjoy the downhills and let you ride in places that you couldn’t otherwise.

For urban scenarios, everything from electric commuter bikes to assisted cargo bikes are available. These are all about practicality and utility providing an alternative to other forms of transport.

Recently, lightweight systems, such as the Fazua motor, are designed to complement rather than take over your efforts. Brands such as Lapierre and Focus are experimenting here, and we’re excited to see what kind of developments there will be in the future.

Best electric mountain bike

An e-MTB can allow you to get out for a quick blast, propelling you uphill quickly so you can enjoy the descents. Or you can turn your focus on climbing the steepest, most technical slopes you can find. The ability to cover ground quickly also means you can go out and explore places you wouldn’t otherwise consider.

These bikes also let you ride in ways you usually couldn’t and as designs become more refined, the handling increasingly rivals that of conventional mountain bikes, leading to flat-out riding fun.

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